Sustainable Development Goals

The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can seem overwhelming at first glance, we know this! In this short video, we aim to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals in an accessible way and encourage you to critically analyse how or if they can be achieved in our current global systems.

We encourage our WTINE students to think about how their design will contribute to the SDGs and to consider how they themselves can contribute more broadly to the achievement of sustainable development in their future careers.

With the precarious climate future that lies ahead of us and the drastic impacts we are already experiencing as a result of climate change, we all need to take responsibility and ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals. The question perhaps is do they go far enough in addressing the radical changes we require to sustain our planet and life on earth?

We have a specific module on the SDGs in our Online Academy and are developing further learning resources. Sign up as a member or request temporary access as a lecturer to view these learning modules.

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