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The WTINE Course Modules cover the following topics:
1. The WTINE Design Competition

Learners are introduced to the WTINE competition, what it’s about, how the competition works and the opportunities for students.

2. Zambia, Kabwe and Sables Nua

Learners explore Zambia through an interactive map, learning more about its economy, culture and traditions and societies. Students are then introduced to Kabwe, the WTINE design location, and EWB and DTC’s partner Zamda Ireland who run a school and emergency shelter for local children.

3. The Sustainable Development Goals

Students are introduced to the Sustainable Development Goals: what they are, how they came about and a critical look at do they really provide us with a blueprint for a better future?

4. The WTINE Themes

Learners get insight into the kinds of projects that WTINE has produced over the years and an interesting look at a communications project from the mountains of Nepal!

5. Design Thinking

Learners are introduced to the Design Thinking process and hear from a former WTINE winner about how she and her project partner implemented the Design Thinking process in their project: the TIDE Menstrual Toolkit. Students are encouraged to incorporate the design thinking process into their project work.

6. The EWB Innovation Academy

Students are given an overview of how the Innovation Academy operates and the opportunities for winners of the WTINE competition. Learners will hear from a former WTINE intern who completed the Innovation Academy remotely in 2020.

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